November 19, 2009

A Review of Aprimo Enterprise v8.5

As a certified partner of Aprimo Inc., Covalent Marketing attends several Aprimo Partner meetings each year. Our most recent meeting was to get a look at 8.5. Both of Aprimos’ product development and product marketing teams were on hand to present valuable information and answer questions about this latest version of Aprimo Enterprise.

With Aprimo Enterprise 8.0 wonderful new enhancements to the MRM module was introduced as well as a whole new module, MPM, the reporting module. With Enterprise 8.5 MCM has received an impressive list of enhancements, though a few small enhancements have been made to MRM and MPM, the focus was on MCM. With the introduction of Aprimo 8.0, Aprimo stopped referring to their campaign module as ECM (enterprise campaign management) and changed the term to MCM, Multichannel Campaign Management. With 8.5, Aprimo Enterprise has truly become multichannel.

Aprimo Map

As you can see from the above diagram, the MCM module has three distinct pieces: Dialogue Marketing, Direct Marketing and a new piece called Interactive Marketing.  Here are the highlights of 8.5 MCM:

Direct Marketer

  • Teradata DB – Now marketers have the ability to access their external Teradata DB a leverage that data within Enterprise.
  • OptiConnect™ – This provides the ability to query multiple databases within one segmentation.
  • OptiSwitch™ – The ability to switch transaction or contact level data within one segmentation. For example, if you are building segmentation at the Member audience level you can switch to Household level for those members and apply additional rules at that level.

Dialogue Marketer

  • New and Improved HTML Designer – Create emails and inbound forms in a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Content Block with access to Digital Assets – If you license the Digital Asset Manager, your users can create emails, microsites and inbound forms using content from Digital Assets.
  • Mass Lead Processing – Allow for leads to be accepted, rejected or reassigned in mass

Interactive Marketing

  • Microsites –ALL NEW – Create and publish personalized microsites, with the additional ability to embed inbound forms and links to other forms or pages based on the contacts form responses.
  • Web Analytics – Track online behavior with query string tags. The tags allow you to easily integrate analytical data from your provider.
  • Dynamic Content Blocks – Create business rules to create personalized sections or block content in emails, inbound forms and Microsites.

Though the focus of 8.5 was on improving MCM, the MRM and MPM modules have been enhanced as well. Here are a few highlights:


  • Workflow Notifications – Default notifications can now be edited and even restored to original.
  • Annotations – Users can now annotate PDFs offline and there are new tools that include the arrow, line and pencil.
  • Job Starter Save Button – This allows the user to save at any step in their process of completing a job starter form.


  • Out of the Box – 21 new MRM and 38 new MCM out of the box reports have been added.
  • Segmentations Charting – Select segments within a Segmentation can now be viewed in a pie chart.
  • Linked/Context Reports – Users can now run reports from interactions and segmentations.

Aprimo Enterprise 8.5 has a notable list of improvements and enhancements, but I have only highlighted fifteen. There are many more enhancements to 8.5 to be explored. It seems to me that Aprimo was always known as the EMM software vendor to go to if you wanted MRM, but with 8.5, I believe that the market as a whole may change their mind about Aprimo’s strengths.

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