February 14, 2011

10 Reasons to go to the Aprimo Summit

As sponsors again this year, we are excited for the Aprimo Summit coming up later this month. In attendance will be two of our top Aprimo solution consultants: Liz Kaufman and David Spitz. Liz has been working with Aprimo’s software for 10 years as a client, while with Aprimo, and now as a solutions consultant. David has participated in a wide variety of Aprimo ECM and MRM projects from Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 clients across many industries (Retail, Gaming, Technology, Financial, etc.).

Since ‘top ten’ lists are universally recognized as more fun than writing/reading some dry narrative, here are my top ten reasons why you should attend the Aprimo Summit this year and come seek us out:

1. First, addressing the elephant in the room – the recent acquisition of Aprimo by Teradata. Now that it’s finalized I’m expecting that there will be some more details about what the future holds: What’s on Teradata/Aprimo 2011 product roadmap and when will integration & realignment begin?

2. Have you ever met someone who is certified on every module?!?! Well now you can. Come meet our very own Liz Kaufman and ask her a question – I bet she can help you.

3. Do you have any Microsite issues? David Spitz is a microsite expert and would love to help you plan out, or troubleshoot, your microsite.

4. In addition to first class technical expertise, Covalent Marketing offers premier customer strategy services helping you gain greater marketing effectiveness with your existing technologies.

5. Coalent Marketing’s “Breakfast Table Talk” : Digital Asset Management.  That’s right, the topic no one ever talks about but should, b/c when done right it is such a valuable tool.

6. Going to Florida in the winter is never a bad thing, especially if you live in the Northeast…how much more snow can they get???

7. We assist companies to go beyond just participating in social media. Through proprietary methods we help companies gain social media insights, enabling our clients to take their marketing to the next level.

8. This will be three full days of learning with 40+ breakout sessions led by Aprimo partners and speakers — best practices, product training, innovations, thought leader presentations, and networking.

9. Have you seen the great line up of keynote speaker for you to enjoy: Seth Godin, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and Ann Handley.

10. And finally: networking, networking, and more networking!

Come by the booth and introduce yourself. We love talking about Aprimo (and pretty much anything else)!

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