March 3, 2011

Teradata, Hayzlett, Godin at the 2011 Aprimo Marketing Summit Left Attendees Thirsty for More

The Covalent Marketing team and I have been to many Aprimo Marketing Summits over the years, but AMS 2011 was one of the best we have attended. Everyone seemed to be excited to share ideas, the networking was great, several sessions we attended were extremely insightful, the keynote speakers were a lot of fun, and yes … Teradata!!

Here are a few highlights from the 2011 Aprimo Marketing Summit:

Aprimo Summit 2011

What most people were hungry for – Teradata info!

One of the reasons I love the ease of Aprimo is that if you purchase a new module, all you need is a new license key and your module is turned on. I placed a small bet with our Covalent CTO about the future of Teradata and Aprimo. I said that if I know Aprimo as well as I think I do, the Teradata functionality will be folded into Aprimo. Info I received at AMS11 confirmed that for me. The Aprimo brand will stand, it is not going away. The goal for both Aprimo and Teradata is to keep their focus on marketers and provide world class integrated marketing management. Though it will not happen overnight, there is a plan and a timeline to make this happen. To accomplish this goal and serve marketers from end to end, the Aprimo R&D department has grown by 300%!!  Seems like a solid commitment to me, and I think it confirms that I have won the bet.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak and AMS11 keynote speaker.

I loved this guy! He was straight forward, no fluff. This is a CMO with ideas and ready to get his hands dirty. Not only that, but he celebrates his success and learns from the failures. A couple of items he mentioned that I liked:

1.    Conditions of Satisfaction: nothing is going to be perfect and it does not matter what job you are doing or who you are doing it for.  What are those conditions of satisfaction when the job is done

2.    “No one is going to die!” If failure occurs, is anyone going to die? If the answer is no, proceed.

Seth Godin – Live with Ted and AMS11 keynote speaker.

The marketing world we live in will never be the same and here are the three things as marketers we should be thinking about:

1.    Permission: simply put, this is when someone gives you permission to communicate with them about your products and or services. Make sure what you are saying is relevant and amazing.

2.    “Purple Cow”: Your products and or services should be worth talking about. Make sure they are the purple cow, something you can’t stop talking about.

3.    Tribes: This is a status symbol. Everyone that has an iPad is part of the iPad Tribe. Their iPad is their status symbol. Truth be told, I REALLY want to be part of that tribe! Do everything you can to make people want to be a part and feel a part of the tribe.

Aprimo Mobile available for On Demand and coming for Studio this summer:

The mobile version of Aprimo is basically a light version of the application. You can review programs, activities, digital assets, review tasks, review audience member history, and view reports. This is brand new to all of marketing automation. Of course the mobile app does not have the heavy-hitting functionality as the application, but that is not the purpose. The purpose is to be able to view your marketing automation while you are on-the-go. Aprimo has many plans to continue to build out the mobile application. I have already provided my enhancement thoughts to Aprimo (segmentations and interactions).  For those of you currently using Aprimo On Demand, the mobile app is available and free!

The Covalent Marketing team had a great time as AMS11. We meet some very smart people, learned some new best practices, and see the clear path that Teradata and Aprimo had laid out for their mutual future. This is an exciting time to be a part of marketing and marketing automation. It was a privilege to be a part of AMS11.