May 18, 2011

Demand Generation

The phrase demand generation is becoming more common in everyday marketing. My knee jerk reaction is; as marketers, isn’t that what we should have been doing all along, creating demand? On the other hand my curiosity starts running wild and I scour the internet for “demand generation.”  The fascinating part for me was the demand generation models I found. Most of them were a flat, straight model with a clear beginning and a clear end. However, I tend to think of demand generation as an eco-system, one step naturally feeds the next and the process never ends.

The below figure is my theory of demand generation. The large major steps of the eco-system I think are self explanatory. What will make this system unique for each company are the areas in red. For example the sales cycle/buyer decision process will defer between an enterprise software company and a gaming console company, as each of the areas in red will defer between these two types of companies. My point though is that even though we purchase the software or the gaming console, I believe the marketers should be helping us traverse the eco-system to make us all advocates. Let’s face it, the best sales people are happy customers.