June 6, 2011

Doing Just Enough?

I feel the need to share a story that recently happened to me.  Not too long ago I refinanced my home.  Soon after my refinancing had closed, the mortgage banking company sent me a customer satisfaction survey.  Being a good corporate citizen I truthfully filled it out with values that were consistent with my agent’s performance: adequate – not great, but not poor either (i.e. mostly 3 out of 5’s).

About a week later my agent reached out to me wanting to know why I had only given her a satisfactory review.  After I got over the shock of the confrontation I explained that she had done nothing to make me thinks otherwise.

She countered with: “But I did my job and you got refinanced without issue.”

Yes, but that’s the expectation when I hired you…for you to do your job without issue.


When did doing your job as expected qualify for praise?


So let’s take that lesson in to our world of marketing, how are you treating your customers…are you just doing enough?  Continuing the thought let me ask you, have you tried any new marketing programs to keep them engaged?  Are you experimenting with new ideas and technologies?

If not, are you doing just enough and expecting praise too?

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