July 13, 2011

Elevator Wisdom

This past weekend I was surprised to find sage marketing advice by way of an elevator sign.  The elevator had a simple message: “Overloading may cause elevator failure and entrapment”.



Not being claustrophobic, I was able to get a quick chuckle out of this unusual sign, but then my marketing instincts took over.  I began to think about how if you take the word “elevator” out it would make a nice reminder for many marketing departments – specifically those who are overly concerned with the literal number of people contacted as the basis for their marketing.  Generally these marketing departments are so focused on getting campaigns out the door, trying to meet their volume goals, they have done a disservice to both them and their customer.

So, if your marketing department is always focused on ‘shipping’ campaigns out, where does the marketing trial & error/experimentation come in to play?  Where does the voice of the customer get factored in to the equation? How can the principles of Effective Execution get applied?

Heed the elevators warning and don’t become entrapped, because once you do you never know how long it will take to get the repairman.