August 15, 2011

The top 50 websites in the world, August 2011

A review of the top 50 websites in the world finds us with no significant changes in the top 10 and 22% of the top 50  have Google in their name.  The only change between my prior evaluation from June 2010 and August 2011 is Twitter and MSN trading places – with Twitter the victor, flying to slot 9 and MSN the loser, sliding to 11 in this round.  I expanded my sites slightly, as you will see below to look into the top 10 in three areas showing highly in the top 50 – the US, Russia and China.  Detail is summarized below.

Linked In was among the biggest traffic movers – going from 29 to 13.  While other increases were certainly greater in terms of places jumped, on an overall traffic perspective, no other move compares.  There were 7 new entries in our top 50 countdown:

  • 29 – Weibo – China’s twitter equivalent  who is apparently a big enough deal to get a plane named after them
  • 30 – Paypal – I can’t believe they never made the list
  • 40 – – no explanation needed
  • 45 –
  • 46 – Tumblr – multi-media, multi-contributor blogging/vlogging/image-sharing/completely moldable
  • 48 – Xvideos – into each list some lust must fall
  • 50 – Youku – China’s original youtube, but now more focused on promoted/sponsored content

Aggregately, we see 4 entrants from Russia and 7 from China.  Additionally, China also has 2 spots in the top 10.  While the China-based sites echo the US-based ones (a search engine – Baidu, a shopping site – Taobao, and the twitter-like Weibo, etc), these sites reflect a distinct culture.  Even if you view them with Google translate, they show more of their provenance instead of less.  The Russian sites, for the most part have been on the list for both years, except for LiveJournal.  And while I am not prone to characterization of a foreign language site, all of my efforts to view translated pages looked like dating pages.  That may say something about me, or the site.  Not. Going. To. Think. About. It.  Anyone else with better information, it’s welcome.  I do what I can, but some things do escape me. Speaking of which – the may seem odd, but it’s GoogleAdsense driven.

Next – on a list filled with services and accesspoints and a few retailers, two sites stand out. Apple – one of the few explicit manufacturers on the list – communicates the value of all things that start with “i.”  The at 41 is also the only news outlet.  Good for them.

Let me note that 3 sites make this entire post possible:  Alexa – who provides the traffic rankings, as well as a ton of other detail; Google (especially images, whom I used to select all the logos each of which remains the property of its respective owner) and my e’er trusty Google translate; Wikipedia who gladly provides backstory and detail – as well as the locations of the sites, which are checked during the process.  This data was pulled on 8/7/2011 and all sites were functional and the order is as reflected on  The top 50 Wordle, as well as the prior 2010 and 2009 editions I created are available on  Also see the other posts and analysis on this blog on the top 50…thanks -c


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