August 16, 2011

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

The team at Covalent Marketing all gathered together in Chicago last week for our annual company meeting.  It was great for all of us to see each other’s faces since so much of the rest of the year we are used to only hearing one another other’s voices and only remembering each other’s faces through our twitter avatars!

We were inspired by Jeffery Hayzlett’s keynote at the 2011 Aprimo Marketing Summit (#AMS) earlier this year.

In one part of his address starting at the 8:58 time mark, he talks about elevator pitches, which he now calls “The 118”.  He believes that an elevator pitch should be no longer than 118 seconds. The average adult has an 8 second attention span, and the average elevator ride on a typical New York City elevator is 110 seconds. He feels that one should be prepared to sell yourself in 118 seconds. That’s 8 seconds for the hook thereby leaving 110 seconds to convey your message.

After a small discussion we all took some personal time to re-assess what are those things we want to convey in our elevator pitches.  Also, since we don’t live in NYC we decided to aim for 45 seconds – give or take.

Hayzlett also urges his audience to practice their pitch in front of the mirror. We took that one step further and took some time to prepare our own elevator pitches and practice them in front of each other.

It was a worthwhile and fun task and interesting to see everyone’s personalities shine through.

Based on my peers compliments and critiques, I now feel more comfortable and more present to sell both myself and the services of Covalent Marketing.

I created a word cloud using the text of everyone’s pitches to get an idea of the message we were sending as a group.

The larger the word in the cloud, the more times it was used in all of our pitches.

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