August 22, 2011

Klout Score Vacation

In a recent online Twitter chat session led by @Klout (#klouttalk) I was intrigued to see several people requesting a “vacation” like setting – so their Klout ranking wouldn’t suffer during their offline hiatus.

For those of you who don’t know, Kloutis a company that tries to measures your online influence based on three main criteria:

  • How many people you influence (True Reach)
  • How much you influence them (Amplification)
  • How influential they are (Network Score)

They can apply their measures across a variety of different online platforms (at press they have 10 different channels from which they can individual or commutatively derive scores – including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) ultimately calculating a score from 1-100 where 100 is a perfect score (a la Justin Bieber).

At first, as someone who periodically follows their Klout score (today mine was a 39 ), I was attracted to the idea of a vacation mode or setting.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it would impede on any truly objective scoring.  Klout scores your online impact, is not a game like AngryBirds, it strives to be a real-time measure of your influence – your ability to sway others with your online thoughts and opinions.



Whether we like it or not, when there is an absenteeism in your presence, your influence diminishes.  Let me paint a couple quick scenarios:

  • Say your favorite TV show stopped airing for a few weeks, mid-season.  What would you do during that time, stare at a wall waiting for it return?  Or would you find new TV show to watch, maybe go workout, or possibly start reading a book?
  • Say the daily email you get of retail specials stopped coming for a couple weeks.  Would you stop bargain hunting or would you look for new coupons elsewhere?  And depending of if the new coupons were better…well you get the picture.

Clearly there are no breaks in the world of marketing and influencing others.  So if you’re looking at your Klout score like a game, always trying to achieve (and retain) a high score, then you’ve already lost because you’re missing the point.

My advice, just keep contributing valuable content and the rest will take care of itself…even thru those offline vacations 😉

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