September 16, 2011

Covalent Gives Back

As a philanthropy project, the Covalent Marketing team has chosen to donate our money to an amazing organization, is a website in which public school teachers post classroom project requests.  The requests may vary from simple supplies like pens and pencils, to technology materials like computers or tablets.  The teacher will state what unit or project the supplies will be used for in the classroom, and how much money the classroom needs in order to fulfill the request.

People can donate as little as $1 to as much as they can afford to give to help the project of their choice.  Once the goal is reached financially, will purchase the supplies and send them to the classroom.

Each month, one of our team members will peruse the projects needing funding and choose one for our company to donate to.

We are all excited to reflect on our time in school and think about the activities and lessons that had a lasting impact on us personally and professionally.  We all know we wouldn’t be the people or the marketers we are today without those fundamental lessons we learned in school. Those lessons required supplies and we look forward to helping to provide those supplies to help the students in our chosen classrooms learn and excel.

We will be sharing our projects through our blog starting next week.

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