September 16, 2011

Your “New” Marketing Career

Do you love your marketing career?  Do you find what you do excites you and you are challenged to grow?  I know it sounds silly, but I can honestly say that I love my marketing career.  Here’s why:

  • My amazing co-workers (I call them my partners)
  • Covalent Marketing is eager for me to continue to grow, learn, and push my personal limits
  • It’s fun to be a part of providing and advising positive change for our clients
  • I truly enjoying sharing the knowledge I have not only to our clients, but through social media

I enjoy what I do each day and at the end of the day my enthusiasm is carried into my family life. I hope that many of you feel the same way.  I recognize not everyone does.

With that, I wanted to pass along some advice I heard the other day for  those who are seeking change in their career.  I also thought, as in my case, it was great validation of why I find myself satisfied with my current career.

1.       Who do you envy?

It seems like an odd thing to ask, but I put some real thought into it. The question is not geared at envying the rich and famous, but the happy and productive.  Do you know of marketing departments that set really agrressive standards? Do you know of individuals whose passion and delight about what they do just shines through?  How about those that are constantly reporting on the negatives and problems and general screwiness of their companies?  Your task is to evaluate the individual pieces in that department or with that person that set them apart. The true part of envy is that you see something in them that you want. Borrowing is a wonderful thing!

2.       What did you want to be when you grew up?

The honesty of a child is beautiful. And yes, we were all children. If you are not doing it already, ask yourself, what did you want to be? Whatever profession that was, there is some truth about you. I wanted to be a vet. The truth about being a vet is the pure desire of helping and healing. I daily get to help marketers and their departments. When I solve a problem, it feels great!

3.       What work do you volunteer for?

Within that answer is more truth. Inside or outside of work we raise our hands to help. When you raise your hand, what is it for? The tasks I volunteer for are usually puzzle based and I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the pieces and putting them back together in an orderly fashion. This question will take more thought, but it gives some wonderful insight into what you really enjoy.


When you examine what makes you happy, you can start to seek opportunities to be happier – even at work.  The same goes for your “new and improved” marketing career. A few minutes to help you ground yourself can then help others and reinvigorate your marketing team!