September 20, 2011 Project – September

We at Covalent Marketing are grateful for our clients and the work we do.  So, starting this month, we’re giving back by kicking off an ongoing philanthropic effort supporting today’s youth and the business leaders of tomorrow.

As a team, we collectively decided to donate to a prodigious organization called,  The way works is school teachers post specific requests online for funding of their classroom projects and teaching needs.  It seems crazy, but many of times, teachers can’t get the supplies and materials required to properly educate their students.  The requests that come in may vary from simple supplies like pens and pencils, to more sophisticated technology materials like computers or tablets.  Once the goal is reached financially, will purchase the supplies and send them to the classroom.

I’m honored to get the ball rolling for my company’s charity because my wife, Carrie, has been an educator for the last six years.  Currently, she works a charter high school in Chicago, Ill. and prior to that taught at what Oprah Winfrey deemed “one of the worst high schools in the country.”   In her teaching career so far, Carrie has to put in her own money to purchase books, materials and supplies.  She’s even been to FedEx Kinko’s routinely to make photocopies of homework handouts and quizzes for her class.  It’s unfortunate on many circumstances that she had to do this, but she recognizes the importance in providing her students with the best opportunity to learn.

This month, my choice for Covalent Marketing’s first chartable effort with will go to Mrs. Henderly’s literature class at Pritzker College Prep on the west side of Chicago, Ill.  This is the school where Carrie currently works.  Ironically Mrs. Henderly teaches the same course but at a different grade.

Mrs. Henderly has asked to purchase books for her students.  As she states in her classroom project request, “Literacy is liberating! That is the slogan for my class, and I want my students to know just how liberating literacy can be. My students need to begin independently reading books of their choice in order for them to love literacy, which is why they need a class library.”

Every day, part of our job at Covalent Marketing is to learn new skills and stay informed.  For us, reading is a necessity.  However, it’s also a passion.  Reading can help you learn, help you see alternatives and develop critical thinking skills.  We are excited and passionate about what we do – we are  ecstatic about learning.  With that, we hope this project will help you create a new group of passionate readers.

We wish Mrs. Henderly the best of luck this school year and we’re glad Covalent Marketing can help achieve your goals.

To see Mrs. Henderly’s project please click here

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