October 3, 2011

Social Media Week in Chicago

Last week was Social Media week and it was held in select cities.  I am lucky enough to reside in Chicago, one of the chosen cities, so I eagerly signed up to attend as many sessions as possible.  I jumped on the opportunity to engage my intellectual curiosity – especially for free.

While I really did take away so much from all the panels I attended, I wanted to share some of the highlights and quotes that really stuck with me.

“Fans are just the beginning…put them at the center, and engage with them” – Brad Keown

I heard this quote during the first session I attended on Monday, “When Integrated Marketing Met Social, Love at First Like”. So often we’re intently focused on what we can measure that we don’t look at whether the measures matter.  For instance, it’s a big leap to say that a Brand’s count of fans or followers is at all indicative of whether the brand is using social media well.  You can have a million fans but if you aren’t engaging with them it really doesn’t matter.  Making it personal and relevant is critical to making any interaction engaging.   The Museum of Me – a great example from Intel, properly puts the user at the center.  Using topics, messages, pictures and connections from Facebook, the Museum of me  creates a personally curated content-rich timeline that develops a deeper emotional connection.  That is something Intel would be hard-pressed to do in almost any other fashion.

Companies need to embed the social plumbing and an example of this is Trip Advisor.  Everyone relies on reviews when booking travel, but when you log in with Facebook to Trip Advisor, you can see reviews your friends have written.  A review from a friend is so much more meaningful than 10 reviews from total strangers.  Here’s an example:

Regina Gray followed this up and dubbed 2010 as the year of the follow, and 2011 as the year of the relationship.  We acquired all of these followers, now let’s keep them by engaging with them!

“I don’t know what I don’t know” – Lauren McCadney

Lauren spoke on a panel about using social media for B2B.  She shared her personal mantra “I don’t know what I don’t know.”  It reminded me that possibilities are infinite with what we can do with social media.  The groundwork is there, we know what we know, but we can’t stop innovating and learning about new tools and tactics.

To that end, my colleagues Kevin and Cristene will give some details about the latest crop of Twitter measurement tools and what their take is on them.