October 20, 2011

DonorsChoose.org Project – October

As part of Covalent Marketing’s ongoing philanthropic effort to support today’s youth and the business leaders of tomorrow, we collectively decided to donate monthly to an organization called, DonorsChoose.org.  Unfortunately, there are many schools in high poverty areas with low budgets and many teachers need to reach into their own pockets to obtain supplies for their own classroom. The way DonorsChoose.org works, is school teachers post online their classroom project requests and ask for assistance in funding their teaching needs.  Once the goal is reached financially, DonorsChoose.org will purchase the supplies and send them to the classroom.

  • Imagine if you had to give a presentation or show someone a complex concept and all you were given was a piece of chalk.  Based on all the tools you have at your disposal, and rich media environment in which we live, could you do it?  Would it really work?

Today’s kids have grown up in a rich visual environment. Yet, our teachers might not have the right tools to truly connect with and educate in a similar way. Chalkboards and overhead projectors are obsolete and messy, and students don’t respond to them well because they are used to fast modern technology. If we turn the clock back even as little as ten years ago, we all have memories of a teacher sitting in front of an old-fashioned overhead projector. Markers, and clear plastic sheets are supplies from an era long past. But students today expect more. And a document camera provides that opportunity.

We are excited to help one classroom acquire that piece of equipment. Having the ability to demonstrate and show math problems, so the whole class can see, would make learning in Ms. Lucas’ class more successful. The document camera will allow students to become part of the lesson instead of just hearing the lesson. Ms. Lucas will be able to project things to engage students and get them actively involved in the learning process and this will lead to further success. Lessons will be enhanced through colorful and interactive presentations. The document camera will make it easy for students to follow along with activities and keep track of where they are in the lesson. When students are actively engaged and excited about learning, they learn more.

Math is a subject many students have interest in, but students can lose focus watching examples in which they cannot interact. The document camera could zoom in on documents and manipulatives to provide views that have not been offered with traditional overhead projectors. This technology could not only keep students engaged, but also inspire them to want to use technology more.

I chose to give to this project because I can remember the day my 2nd grade classroom was learning about “carrying” in subtraction.  I got up in front of the classroom to demonstrate it using manipulatives and received the applause and approval from my classmates who were in my vicinity and able to see what I was doing.  That lesson really made me not only grasp the concept of subtraction but gave me additional self-confidence for public speaking and making presentations.

If I was in 2nd grade in today’s day and age, in a classroom with the latest technology I would be able to demonstrate, share and reach the entire classroom, and not just the students in my close proximity.

Additionally I believe it is important to continue introducing the latest technology to students. It will keep them thirsty to continue to keep up with the latest innovations, and hopefully contribute and keep innovating.

To read more about this DonorsChoose.org project and Ms. Lucas’ class, please click here


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