November 15, 2011

Klout Perks Really Does Have Some Perks

Klout Perks is a section on the Klout website that offers exclusive offers and experiences to its members.  Klout Perks allows brands to connect with influencers in the topical categories that may be pertinent to that particular brand.  Klout Perks does not only award based on score, but takes into account influencers by topic and geo-location.

I peruse the offers every now and again, and often times I see offers that I am not eligible for, but when I saw that I was eligible to attend a free party with a performance by The Drums, I had to check it out.  My Klout score combined with my influence in the topics of Social Media and Chicago made me eligible.

I claimed my perk, which then led me to the Windows Phone facebook fan page.  I was required to first become a fan of the page to RSVP.  I filled out all necessary information and was promptly texted a QR code which would serve as my entrance to the party.  There was not any field in which I could add a guest, so I immediately instructed my friends to become fans of the windows phone on facebook and complete the same RSVP process so they could join me.  At this point I completely forgot about the Klout perk that led me to page.  My friends were able to RSVP as well.  It wasn’t until we got to the party and compared the fine print on our tickets that I saw I was the only one of my group that was VIP (as a result of completing the RSVP process through Klout Perks!).  This entitled me to a shorter line at check in and unlimited drinks at the party, while they all received tokens to exchange for drinks.  Thanks Klout Perks!

Overall the party was a blast.  The DJ was playing great music, once the band took the stage, they put on a great performance, we got to play with the newest Windows Phones, and did I mention there was a photo booth?

Klout perks is a great tool for brands to really reach the influencers that they want to target by offering people what they really want… FREE STUFF.  Not only are they rewarding influencers for talking about something they already feel passionate about, but this key group of people are more likely to talk about their experience and share even further

I will continue checking Klout perks for any more offers that I may be eligible for, and I will continue to try to be an influencer in topics that I enjoy talking about, because you never know when the next perk offered may pertain to me!

Have you used Klout Perks? Feel free to comment below and let me know about any perks that you may have claimed and how the experience was for you.

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