December 15, 2011 Project – December

During this wonderful holiday season I give thanks to be a part of a company that values the foundation of education and how it propels a child’s future. Covalent Marketing supports that future through giving to projects in Donors Choose. This month I have chosen a project that understands that not every child processes information the same way. Some children need sensory tools to help them succeed in learning.

I grew up in a very traditional school. Desks were in rows, everyone read from the same books, we all took tests the exact same way. If you did not fit the traditional mold, were unable to sit still or seemed like you were not paying attention, you were labeled as different or a problem child.

I now have children of my own and they are 10 and 7 years old. Since my oldest was in pre-school, I have always taken the opportunity to help in the classroom. It has been a revelation for me to see the changes in the classroom.

Teachers are now using tools like Love & Logic and sensory integration to help children learn. My youngest needs sensory integration to help him focus at times. Wonderful tools like sitting on a beanbag chair or having a plastic straw necklace for him to play with as he thinks have been helpful to keep him focused and learning. Watching kids blossom for being who they are naturally (even on a yoga ball) has inspired my Donors Choose project for this month.

Through my choice of Ms. Coffin’s project of Bounce and Learn, Covalent Marketing is honoring all teachers that understand that labels do not help children learn, but nurturing enables kids to understand themselves and continue to help themselves as they grow.

The Bounce and Lean project described by Ms. Coffin:
The ball chair will change the day to day routine of our students! Could you imagine having this amazing chair at your desk each day!? We will be more engaged in our writing activities, be more interested in our writing instruction, and enjoy the time we have to spend at our learning tables.

Children need to move. A ball chair will give my students the ability to change positions while paying attention in class.

Sensory integration is an essential part of programming for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. By helping each student meet their sensory needs you will enable my students to feel safe and calm in their school environment.”

Thank you to Covalent Marketing and Donors Choose to help educators facilitate the environment of knowledge and learning.

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