January 19, 2012

DonorsChoose.org Project – January

I am extremely excited that our company has embraced this corporate program that helps educate the children of our future via the Donors Choose Organization.  In just a few months since Covalent Marketing started participating, we’ve been lucky enough to affect children and teachers across the country.  The responses from the kids and teachers are inspiring and drive us to continue this program in 2012.

This month is my turn and I have to say it was rather difficult and overwhelming to find a project to support.  You want to help them all.  However I found one by using offline relationships to guide me.  A good friend of mine, Scott Hoskins, who mentioned that he was helping students at William H. Brown Elementary School through his church.  I learned that this school has approximately 200 students and is located on the west side of Chicago.  While it is one of the most underprivileged schools in the Chicago Public School system, it has been making positive improvement, led by Principal Kenya Sadler.  Ms Sadler is a passionate and driven individual who truly wants to make a difference for the children at her school.  Combining my offline relationships with my online access, I was able to find a project helping that school.  A teacher there, Ms. Switzer, posted on DonorsChoose.org allowing us to support their needs.

At the heart, we recognize kids need to have technology embedded into education.  They need to learn how to use it.  However, teachers do too –  providing access to digital/online content that expands the learning process.  We know how much technology plays a significant role in our personal and professional lives on a daily basis.  Our younger generations need to have this as part of their daily lives to prepare them for the future.  Without it, they might not be able to see their full potential.

After a year of persistence, the school received a grant that provided iPad 2’s for their school.  It was a great accomplishment, offering much-needed technology for the school and classrooms.  It’s best described in Ms. Switzer’s words below…

It’s difficult for many of us to understand that students today do not have the same access to information that we take for granted, but for many of the students that our school serves, their only Internet access is at the school of public library. This reality makes having functioning equipment at the school even more essential.”

However, protecting these iPads was not considered.  And these are kids.  Even as adults, we drop our laptop bags by the door, pile paper on our own iPads and slight “disrespects.” Hence, the school has wisely decided that covers might be a great idea.  We agree.  As a person who is passionate about technology and its use within education, I am personally honored to support William H. Brown Elementary school.



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