February 6, 2012

Tableau: The Big Ease-y

As a technologist, I tend to jump feet first at the opportunity to learn new tools.  My encounter with Tableau was no different.  I had heard good things about the tool, but I hadn’t had a chance to look into it yet, until just recently. I have been extremely impressed with the entire journey of learning Tableau. There was such an ease to it that I can see where it might be a great tool for both IT and business people to reach common ground. For me there were a few things that stood out:

The Ease of Training

The training provide by Tableau is really good, something you don’t often say about training. They cover many topics, and you can access a lot of trainings for free.  There are many on demand training sessions.  On top of that the live webinars are extremely helpful.   Everything was clearly presented, and easy to follow. It some of the best training I’ve attended.




The Ease of Use

The whole process of using this tool has been a breeze.  I have worked with other tools where setting up the data and getting everything connected has been more than a little time consuming, and requires some technical prowess.  Creating graphs and charts was completely uncomplicated, and they even have a nice “Show Me!” button that will help display your data in ways that the tool thinks will help highlight your data, so say good bye to boring bar charts and hello to exciting geo-graphs.



The Ease of Working with the Company

There are days that I feel like a super star with all the attention that I get from Tableau. As soon as I had installed my free trial I got an email welcoming me to the tool, and letting me know that they were there to help me (from a real person, whom I did email back).  When I wrapped up my training session, I received another email letting me know about other trainings that I might be interested in, and to once again let me know that they were there if I had any questions. And then there was the day that I did have a question. I sent my email to the last friendly person who had contacted me previously, and within a few hours the answer was awaiting me in my inbox.

All in all I have nothing but good words to say for working with Tableau. The ease of the whole process  makes the product stand out for me.  I look to using it to make myself my company and my clients data look great, presenting data in new and exciting new ways.