February 15, 2012

Going Rogue: Innovators to Follow – Day 3; Gesture Recognition

“There’s a hierarchy for the learning and retention process.  The more senses you engage, the more interaction you have, the more you’re going to learn and retain.”  – Vincent John Vincent

Most of us have seen some form of gesture recognition software.  Microsoft’s Kinect is the most noteworthy of all gesture recognition hardware out there.  Different from augmented reality, the technology that allows us to place a digital presence on the physical world, gesture recognition software allows us to use our physical world to control the digital one.  The education and business advantages of this technology are endless.  Let’s take a look at some of the innovators in this sphere.


Microsoft Kinect Hacker Community:

While Microsoft’s Kinect is innovative in itself, the really amazing stuff comes from the hacker community.  Not too long ago, Microsoft decided to release the coding of the Kinect to see what users could do with it.  And I tell you, it’s amazing.  Games, moving table displays, text entry and modification…the list goes on and on.  Every week new hacks and videos are posted to the site.  If you are looking for more information around the Microsoft Kinect Hacker community, make sure you check out the post Cristene wrote during Covalent’s 12 Days of Marketing Innovation (#12DMI).

Twitter: @kinect_hacks



GestureTek is one of the world leaders in gesture recognition technology.  Their story goes all the way back to 1986 when they invented the field of ‘applied computer vision’ for computer-human interaction.  Since, GestureTek has applied their technology to help improve 3D tracking systems, interactive floors, multi-touch displays, and much more.  My favorite is their health solutions; we now have the ability to do virtual rehab and multi-sensory stimulation for children.  Amazing.

Twitter:  @GestureTek



Headquartered in Israel, EyeSight is another gesture recognition technology leader.  Known for integrating this technology into mobile phones, televisions, in-car infotainment systems and more, EyeSight is paving the way to a “touchless” world.  While they do not have a large social presence, I urge you to check-in on their solutions page and view the video that they have posted there.  It shows an interesting look at a “day in the life” with gesture based technology.

Solutions:  A day in the life


Vincent John Vincent:

The president and Co-Founder of GestureTek (go figure, huh?), Vincent John Vincent is the most accredited pioneer in the gesture recognition technology field.  Many of you might recognize him from his TEDx Talk on gesture based technology (the above quote is from this talk).  He has not only been brilliant in his technological innovations, but also in his visions of where this technology could be useful in our world.  His virtual accomplishments range all the way from educating children, to playing the drums.  I suggest you keep up with this guy, because he is going to change how we interact with the digital world.

Twitter:  @vjvincent


Pranav Mistry:

A brilliant man who has researched and developed several amazing functions of gesture based technology, Pranav Mistry takes this field to another level.  From controlling a robot by blinking to saving items in the cloud with your fingers, Pranav is only getting started.  Get this, he’s still in school.  Pranav is currently a research assistant and PhD candidate at the MIT Media Labs.  Make sure you check out his projects page; my favorite is the blink bot.  By wearing a pair of glasses, and blinking in certain areas, you have the ability to control a roaming robot (and the video is hilarious).

Twitter: @pranavmistry


Whether we like it or not (we do!), our interactions with the digital world are changing every day.  Think of the implications of this technology on education, manufacturing and health.  It’s really fun to see how our world changes right before our eyes – be a part of it.

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