March 20, 2012 Project – March

As a child of the 80s, I was lucky enough to be one of the first generations of children that had access to computers as a regular learning tool from a very early age. I still have memories of computer-based exercises from as far back as kindergarten, and the fascination and engagement that they instilled.

This was decades ago. Back then, computers were a bit of a luxury, and I was one of the lucky ones. Today, computers are a part of everyday life, and as such it is more important than ever to provide kids with exposure to this technology. As such, it is disheartening to hear stories of current-day schoolchildren who do not have the opportunity to work with modern computers.

For our recipient for the month of March, I have chosen to assist Mrs. Cano’s 1st grade class at Sawyer Elementary in southwest Chicago.  They are in desperate need of a replacement for their ancient and obsolete systems. In a quickly changing technological landscape, a very old PC can be akin to having no PC at all…especially in such a critical and dynamic environment as education.

In a sense, I envy these children, as I recall how much fun those first experiences with computers were for me when I was about their age. I hope those experiences might ultimately be as life-altering for them as they were for me.

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