April 10, 2012

Getting Marketing Resource Management Right: Advice For Marketers, From Marketers

As a whole, marketers have been making steady progress toward reinventing our methods to support  the hyper-connected digital universe in which our customers live and breathe.  However,  as marketers, a lot of us are still planning marketing efforts using sneaker patrol and the spreadsheet network.  Tell me, aren’t you tired of it?  Why does getting a marketing program out there take more effort than it should?  It should be easy – or at least easier, no?

Late last year, my Allstate client, Erik Didriksen (@erik_d) and I set out to figure out how an organization can get Marketing Resource Management (MRM) right.  We wanted to ask questions from people who had been there.  We wanted to review the secondary research.  We wanted to paint a better picture of success.  We also wrote about what we found contributed to successful MRM launches.

To do so, we talked to 8 companies who had already implemented some flavor of MRM, spent time with Forrester and Gartner reports, used our own experience in half a dozen or more installs and dealt with our own demons as we lived through the process together.

In the paper, we offer 7 imperatives to get right.  The ones marked with stars are the ones I think are mission critical.

  • The Business Imperative ***
  • The People Imperative
  • The Adoption Imperative ***
  • The Support Imperative ***
  • The Time Imperative
  • The In House Imperative
  • The Initiation Imperative
It is available in both eBook and PDF.    Erik and I extend our thanks to our companies for their support.  We also acknowledge our editor (you know who you are) and our designer, Eric Peiracci of Thinkep.com.  -c-