June 21, 2012

The double edged sword: Maybe

Maybe is one word in the English language with many meanings – and intentions.

Maybe, I’d offer, as a great word of possibility – one of a hope, a yarn – just waiting to be pulled upon until you unravel a solution.  One of my favorite times on projects is when my colleagues offer it — Andy, Amber, Kevin – when the hint of a solution occurs…when that idea begins to form and the team begins to play for all the positive potential of the word.  It’s the word of solution.  Of people beginning to unravel the problem to the potential for truth…for success.

It’s that moment inspiration takes hold.

But then there’s the downside.  The moment maybe holds regret and looking back.  Don’t look back.  It’s no longer an option.  A back cast maybe yields regret for what should have been, of what cannot be unraveled.

Today, focus on your future tense.  Even when it means revisiting the past, do so in the spirit of examination of potential, of change, with all its transformational qualities, because examining where you’ve been is favorable only to make sure you don’t plow the old ground.

Your best maybes are ahead of you.

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