July 18, 2012

Is It Marketing Innovation? Baileys Edition

Baileys Irish Cream has been “making life more delicious” since 1974. Traditionally known as an alcoholic beverage, they have expanded into coffee creamers and liquor candy.  Currently Bailey’s top global markets are (in order): USA, Great Britain, Global Duty Free, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria, France, and Russia.

As they look to the future and the quickly expanding Hispanic speaking demographic, Baileys is changing how they look at business. Instead of segregating communication, every communication they send out is bilingual. Their effort to penetrate this market is even expanding into articles targeted specifically at the demographic – HispanicBusiness.com showcased an article on March 15th, 2012 on a St. Patrick’s Day recipe for Irish coffee. Below is an example of their bilingual communications.

We now ask you, does Baileys marketing effort meet any of the below marketing innovation criteria:

  • the application of a new idea, method, device or construct
  • delivers shared value to those who create and those who consume it.
  • It is not based on an instance but offers some level of sustainability over a period of time.  It has some durability
  • It is not invention – but its application to solving a particular problem or enabling a new use.
  • It disrupts the current way of doing things sufficiently to create new categories, markets, products and interactions