September 6, 2012

115 (or more) Innovation Ideas to Engage the Modern CMO

We at Covalent Marketing always have an eye out for innovative ideas. And we truly believe the Modern CMO must embrace innovation to deliver her agenda. However it was not until our recent research, #MKT_Innov8 which examines the intersection of innovation and marketing that we became obsessive about it.  From sharing links to discussions to more official collection efforts, this labor of love began with an organic desire and intrigue to scan the industry horizons. Our findings, along with supplements from around the web,, and our beloved have given us our latest culmination:  #MKT_INNOV8, 115 Ideas for the Modern CMO.

This document contains ideas that aren’t just cool – but need to be acted upon.  We are reminded every day that the only way to sustain an idea, is to act upon it.  While consideration is always important to business, we must also embrace the risk and have the audacity that comes with these horizons.  In this document, you will see our examples broken down into the following categories:

  • Artful Utility:  Ideas that are well crafted, fit for purpose and crave engagement
  • Re-Newal:  A category that covers reduce, reuse, and recycle in ways that are good for the planet and its peoples
  • Data Driven:  A category that covers all the ways data has infused itself into our lives
  • Share Able:  The term “oversharing” is in the public consciousness.  However, here are some great examples where sharing is caring
  • Social Good:  People and brands are joining together for the public good.  Herewith, we share examples that make us smile
  • Sense Able:  In this section, we pay homage to great ideas that affect our senses – tasty, touchy, smelly things that you might find interesting
  • Store Age War:  Finally, one of our favorite categories, bringing you a host of interesting items from the places we love most:  Stores
  • The 3D World:  Our 4D world was 1D for too long

Within these categories, you will find a plethora of interesting examples of innovative ideas.  Some of which may be applicable to you, some not.  Some are odd, some are aspirational (we can’tafford the $280,000 EV but we can’t be without the learning thermostats).  One thing we can guarantee, however, is that you will find it interesting.

You can download the PDF version here.

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Innovate or get out of the way…-c-


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