September 18, 2012

BANKAI!.. ooh you’re gonna get it.

I was sitting at my computer one day, staring at the Bleach Anime poster on my wall and thought to myself, you know what? We at Covalent are the “Ichigos” of the MRM world! Say what?

First things first, what the heck am I talking about? Bleach is a manga/anime series centered around the adventures of an orange haired teenager named Ichigo, who is unwillingly thrust into war between Good guy grim reapers called Shinigami and fallen souls called Hollows. On a good day, Shinigamis find lost souls wandering in the living world, cleanse them, and then escort them to the afterlife city called Soul Society which is like a better state of being. 


As the “Ichigos” of the Marketing world, Covalent professionals combat the complacent, stagnant, and “Hollow” ideas that plague marketing organizations.  Where there’s a lost soul in Shinigami life, there are a bunch of Hollows out there eager to consume them. These Hollows are the old and bad ideas that linger around, sucking the life out of potential innovation. Based on working with my Covalent family, we relate to Ichigo because his tenacity and drive to adapt is always greater than that of his adversary. Many times, he is getting beaten pretty bad, but he always comes back to best his supernatural enemy by achieving a level of power higher than previously thought possible. He does this every time, but he doesn’t do it alone.

The Team

Shinigami Captains

Ichigo’s Core Group of Friends

Ichigo is accompanied by his core group of friends who all have innovative skills of their own. Some use physical strength, while others use wits, cunning, and tools. Others are just there to support the team and to keep things flowing in the right direction.  They help him understand his potential and are there to support his decisions. A key partner for Ichigo is his sword, Zangetsu (in the picture below). Zangetsu is that powerful technology partner we connect with to implement innovative ideas with great success. In typical organizations there is a divide between Technology and Marketing. Similarly, Ichigo had to develop a relationship with Zangetsu as they came to understand each other. As he developed, honed, and solidified his relationship with Zangetsu, this had a great impact to overcome his foe. This is a best practice for us, to develop and hone our relationship with technology partners to get to the next level.

The Tools

Zangetsu – his friend sword partner – personified

BANKAI “Full Release” is the most powerful form a Shinigami could reach, always accompanied by the extreme transformation of the Shinigami’s weapon. In Bankai form, a Shinigami is capable of very powerful abilities. It also takes a lot of practice and discipline to achieve Bankai and those worthy enough are held in high regard and admiration in Soul Society.  Hearing a Shinigami scream BANKAI! meant one thing: Game Over for the Hollows – those forces trying to keep a marketing organization from moving forward. A lot of organizations are content with the status quo, but our people at Covalent have individually attained Bankai and are ready to unleash it to bring the organization to the next level. We are the CMO’s trump card, the shock and awe to help her get the job done.

Ichigo in his Bankai Form

The Thought Leadership

Ichigo consistently encouraged and motivated those around him to do their best, sometimes reaching levels they’ve never reached before. On client projects, although we may meet some adversity, we learn very fast and we ramp up our clients in the areas where they need instruction. This is our responsibility at Covalent and we do this well by extensive client side research, interaction, and proofs of concepts. Covalent people achieved Bankai with all the Services we provide on top of the best practices we demonstrate everyday at client locations. We may not be yelling Bankai dramatically like Ichigo, but don’t be fooled, we will always strive to achieve our goals which will push us over the top when the dust settles.