October 30, 2012

Trend Watching as a Discipline

Industries and environments are changing faster than ever.  Having the ability to spot trends and know what is around the corner is a more valuable skill than ever.  In fact, it is trendwatching.com’s sole discipline.  They have a global network of over 2000 spotters in over 120 countries that specialize in spotting and curating consumer trends.

Being a premium service member, Covalent Marketing has access to Trendwatching’s monthly reports and snapshots of global trends.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you, my five favorite recent trends that Trendwatching has given us. 

#1 Bombfell sends men one handpicked garment each month.

I’ve never been a big shopper; so, the idea of having a designer or team of fashion oriented women picking out my clothes and not having to walk through a store is a pretty grand idea.  Here is how it works: you sign up and pay $69/month for one piece of clothing per month.  Shipping is free and returns are free.  Additionally, there is no commitment…cancel at any time.  Take note all you single guys out there.

#2 Piascore allows for a better digital sheet music experience.

Being a guitarist, I understand how frustrating it is to get to the “fold” on a web-page and then have to stop playing in order to see the rest of the music.  Some music tab sites, such as Ultimate Guitar, have done their best by adding an “auto-scroll” function.  But finding the proper cadence for the particular song you are playing can be quite difficult.  Piascore has created an app that uses gesture recognition so you can simply swipe to the next page using a hand motion.  Simply being able to do that mid-strum would be immensely helpful for me.

#3 Blank Ways app helps you explore your city.

Blank Ways is a mobile application that shows you which streets you have been down in your current city.  Being that I have only truly started to explore the city of Chicago the past 2 years, this will give me a very cool perspective of where to go next.

#4 Ford’s Fusion model is made with recycled material.

Ford (one of the companies that we spotlight in Covalent Marketing’s Marketing Innovation whitepaper) has made their 2013 Fusion with recycled materials.  The seats used recycled denim from jeans; interior plastic elements used recycled water bottles and soybeans.  And yes, in case you were wondering, “green” is still very much “in.”

#5 Charity Miles offers some embedded generosity into your workouts.

Going out to Run? Walk? Bike?  Why don’t you go ahead and fire up this app first and watch as companies donate to the charity that you choose as you go.  Ranging anywhere from USD .10 -.25 per mile, every step counts!  I can’t think of a better way to be motivated for your work outs (other than the disappearance of that stubborn set of love handles).

For more from trendwatching, or to become a premium client, visit their site.

What other trends have you spotted?  Do you see value in the five I’ve listed?  Leave me a message in the comments section; or, tweet at me:  @cunningham_kev


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