December 1, 2012

Tis the Season for Retail Love

If you have been following our MKT_Innov8 project, you have no doubt noticed our special homage that we paid to all things retail in the section title, “Store Age Wars”.

Retail is near and dear to the hearts to all of us at Covalent Marketing. So much so, that at our last all company meeting, Cristene arranged a retail experience tour in order for us to walk around Chicago and check out all the cool and interesting things happening in retail in our hometown. Some highlights included a stop at the AT&T Flagship store on Michigan Ave where we saw a great example of a “decompression zone” by way of their atrium ringed with LED lights.  And even though it was tucked away in the corner in NikeTown on Michigan Ave, we saw Nike’s reuse a shoe program in action, where Nike collects old, worn out athletic shoes and recycles them into Nike Grind, a material used for athletic and playground surfaces.

AT&T Store on Michigan Ave

Nike’s Reuseashoe Program

At our last stop, the Lego Store in Water Tower Place, we were all giddy with delight while playing with the augmented reality screen that shows what the toy will look like once assembled. (photo) But it was Cristene’s then Liz’s delight at a Lego Advent Calendar that really got me thinking. After hearing them both exlaim “oooh, a Lego Advent Calendar!!!” I just had to corner Liz and ask her, “What the heck is an advent calendar??” Liz politely explained to this Jewish girl, how every December, its an opportunity to count down the 24 days until Christmas, and that generally there was a little gift or trinket given on each day. Growing up, every December my family proudly celebrated holidays by lighting the candles on our menorah each night. Since I had clearly missed the opportunity to receive a trinket for 24 days (poor me, I only got a present for 8 days), I am now taking the opportunity to create Covalent’s own Retail Love Advent Calendar.

Everyday in December, we will bring you (at least) one exciting idea that is going on in retail these days! We are covering lots of areas on retailers who make us feel good.Then, on Christmas, we’ll present to you, all of our ideas wrapped up in one fancy package.

It is our hope that you will check back everyday to see what ideas we are presenting. And feel free to sign up for our newsletter over to the right of this page, which will bring you a weekly roundup of what we are talking about each week.