December 3, 2012

Frugal Fashionistas Rejoice, the Target-Neiman Marcus Collaboration is Here

Its been months since Target and Neiman Marcus, two of the biggest names in retail announced that they were not only teaming up for one glorious holiday collection, but bringing 24 designers from the CFDA along for the ride.

Frugal fashionistas, like myself, have been counting down the days, and feverishly studying the collection, and loading up on protein shakes to take on this monumental sale and make it out not only alive but with the gloves I am coveting!

So when the day I had marked on my calendar, December 1, at 8:00 am arrived, I woke up early, chugged my coffee for energy and made sure I was at my local store with plenty of time to spare.

Target had clearly learned a lesson from its Missoni launch, and was prepared with line stanchions to form the long lines it was expecting.  However, at 7:45 am, it didn’t quite have the attendance it was expecting.

Nonetheless, the employees of Target were more than prepared to explain all the rules and regulations of the launch to those there, purchases were limited to a maximum of 4 per style. And assured us that there were already shopping carts in the area, so no need to grab one on the way in.

At 8 am sharp, they calmly walked us in and escorted us directly to the area with all of the collection. This was a lot different than their Missoni collection or Shoppes concept, where they placed the merchandise in the appropriate department, rather than grouping them all together (IE housewares in the housewares department with apparel in the men’s, women’s, or children’s section).

This made for a very easy breezy shopping experience.

Signage was simple yet enclosed the small area dedicated to the event with black, white, and red images depicting gift giving in the modern times.  It seemed that there was more interest on the Neiman’s side of things.   Perhaps their merchandising was more effective than the more traditional retail racks at Target.

Overall, it was a good experience, and my hat is off to Target for being prepared for the anticipated crowds.  Everyone that was there with me, made it out with the items they wanted. Personally I got the Lela Rose top, Proenza Schouler sweatshirt, and Brian Atwood Gloves.

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Mine and Cristene’s much anticipated Brian Atwood leather gloves.