April 4, 2013

Let The Good Times Roll

10 years! Attending Aprimo Marketing Summits for 10 years, I have had the unique experience of being an Aprimo customer, working directly for Aprimo, and serving as an Aprimo partner. As a customer, we were one of the original winners of the now highly coveted Apex award. Where does the time go?

What excites me even more about attending AMS 2013 is introducing a new generation of marketing consultants to Aprimo. Kevin and Kyla (“the Ks”, as I fondly call them) will be attending with me this year. They are both EMM black belts, and believe me when I state that they can build innovative solutions that solve difficult marketing problems. With AMS comes the opportunity to get them out from behind their computers and interacting with the Aprimo community.

Next week we arrive in New Orleans, here are some of my thoughts and suggestions for the Ks (as well as anyone new to the Marketing Summit world):

  • Introduce yourself to the Teradata/Aprimo leadership team. They are eager to meet new people and love to chat about marketing. Click here to learn more about the leadership team.
  • AMS is an intersection of data scientists, functional experts, hard core coders, marketing strategists, and marketing technologist. The lunch conversations between these roles are engaging. Be brave! Sit at a table where you know no one, you will walk away with a new acquaintance and possibly a new resource.
  • There are always a wide range of sessions for everyone. Mix your time between deep functionality sessions and strategic sessions. Each provides a different perspective on the software.
  • Bring LOTS of business cards. I am always pleasantly surprised with the number of people I meet. Additionally, download LinkedIn on your phone. My LinkedIn activity spikes during this time of year. Even better, let’s get techie and download Bump.
  • Have fun! Honestly, this is not hard for us Covalent folks, but AMS is always a great time for everyone.

If we have never met, be sure to seek out Kevin, Kyla, and/or myself. We are easy to find; listen for the interesting questions in the sessions, laughter in the hall between the sessions or engaging interaction with a table full of marketers at lunch.

Let the good times roll at AMS 2013 in New Orleans!