May 15, 2013

Pull On Your Cowboy Boots, We’re Going To Nashville

I have attended, been a speaker and also sponsored at the Unica Marketing Innovation Summit (Unica MIS) dating back to 2003. Those of us legacy Unican’s (a.k.a. old-timers) who were able to attend will never forget the fun times we had at those conferences.  Even if we weren’t aware of it at the time, looking back we realize that every year we were helping to shape the future of EMM technology. 

The Unica MIS is no longer active and now the Unica brand is being phased out, but don’t fret.  The vision and innovation of IBM’s EMM marketing technology is more exciting than ever!

We have hit a maturity in our industry where marketing technology is no longer niche or departmental. It has become so important across the enterprise that most organizations can’t seem to grow or succeed without it.  For that reason, and a few others, I look forward to be attending this year’s IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit (#SmarterCommerce) in Nashville on May 21 – 23.

My focus this year will be learning more about how customers are leveraging IBM’s Digital Marketing Optimization solutions.  This solution consists of Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics) and a new offering called Marketing Center (Digital Marketing with Analytics).  This is an area of growth and focus for Covalent Marketing.  By combining our long history and expertise in traditional offline marketing technologies like IBM Campaign (a.k.a. Unica Campaign) with Digital Analytics/Marketing Center, it’s a very powerful solution.  This integration of technologies will allow marketers to better understand and serve their cross-channel customers more effectively.

Sample dashboard in IBM Digital Analytics

Sample dashboard in IBM Digital Analytics

What is bringing you to this year’s Summit? Planning for an upgrade?  Expanding marketing technology capabilities?  Please share with us in the comments!

I hope to see you there, make new friends, and hear about your Digital Marketing Optimization’s experiences!