September 6, 2013

2013 Tableau Customer Conference Preview


It’s time once again for the Tableau Customer Conference. I’m excited to have the opportunity to attend this year’s conference and learn about all of the great things that Tableau is doing to improve their product, as well as the incredible ways that customers are using Tableau to improve their business.

This year’s conference has a major focus on new ideas and steady progress. It will be held in our nation’s capital, marking the first time the conference has been held away from the west coast. Continuing with the new, since last year’s customer conference, Tableau has released Tableau 8, which I believe to be the most powerful analytics tool on the market. Tableau also become a publicly traded company (NYSE: DATA), further establishing their global presence.

There are always a lot of activities to keep attendees busy, but from looking at the conference website there are 3 things in particular that I am excited to see in D.C.

  1. What’s New – Since Tableau 8 was released in February there has been a remarkable array of capabilities made available to customers; but as powerful a tool as Tableau 8 is, there is always room for improvement.
  2. What’s Interesting – From my experience, Tableau has built a strong community around their product. Conference attendees are always willing to sharing the unique ways that they are leveraging Tableau to improve their business and likewise want to hear how others are using the product. I am particularly interested in learning how customers have used Tableau Server to improve operational efficiency.
  3. What’s Fun – Tableau does a great job at making sure attendees enjoy themselves. The lineup of speakers is always interesting and the Customer appreciation party is a blast. After reading “Steve Jobs” and “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” I’m personally excited to listen to Walter Isaacson give his Keynote.

Having had the opportunity to meet a lot of the brilliant minds that go into developing Tableau and running the company, I know that this year’s conference will be the best yet. I look forward to seeing you all in D.C. next week.