December 19, 2013

Achieving Better Marketing Dashboards: Integrating Tableau with IBM Campaign

Would you like to learn how marketers can easily execute sophisticated marketing campaigns and then extract intelligent analytics from that data in one fell swoop? Then today’s your lucky day.

If you’ve ever used any marketing automation software then you’ll agree that as great as they are for campaign management, they suffer in reporting. As for BI tools, they just don’t have the same pop without any data.  But put the two together and you can have something quite extraordinary.

From within the IBM EMM dashboard you can do so much more than a packaged OEM reporting tool like i.e. Cognos. For example, by leveraging the customizable dashboards within IBM Campaign, a marketer friendly reporting tool like Tableau can be accessed through the GUI to provide business users with all of the functionality they’re used to when viewing reports natively in Tableau Server.

Within Tableau, users have the ability to:

  • Flip the perspective of reports
  • Drill into specific data points / areas of interest
  • Swap the fields that are being analyzed

All of the above can happen in a matter of seconds, giving you the most personalized, relevant, and insightful data. It’s personalized marketing for the marketer!

Looking at the side-by-side below, I think I speak for most users when I say I would prefer something as visually engaging as the Tableau heat map over the clunky Cognos map.

Cognos vs Tableau

For a more in-depth example, the following short video displays just how fast and easy it is to manipulate system data (video best viewed in full screen mode):

Therein lies the beauty of Tableau; gone are the days of static or slow rendering reporting; now you can analyze and answer questions as they arise. Dynamic reporting such as this provides business users with the information needed to make educated decisions about campaigns and ultimately enhance the knowledge used to drive decisions such as what campaigns to run, customer selection and customer segmentation.

The ability to access powerful Tableau reports and dynamically shift results in real time is a significant upgrade from the canned reports currently offered by IBM.