January 23, 2014

Empowering Marketing Mastery

A couple years ago we began developing a concept called “Mastery”.  It was rooted in solving how a marketing organization deals with change and adoption of new (or existing) technologies.  Based on its early success it began to evolve in to something greater and even more meaningful. 

Now over the last year we have continued innovating, testing, and tweaking this idea – even factoring in other aspects of marketing beyond technology, including:

  • Refinement of the marketing operating model
  • Marketing processes and optimization to support the demands of the Customer – especially through digital and mobile
  • Evaluating existing and future marketing technology investments

Today, Mastery has become a methodology which expanded into other functions of marketing including adoption of new processes, new organizational structures, new roles/skills and launching new capabilities. We enhanced the name to Marketing Mastery.  And for our clients, Marketing Mastery has become a sustainable program that supports transformation effectively across the entire organization.

As we enter 2014, Covalent Marketing is very excited about how Marketing Mastery can help our clients – especially building off our success from last year.  So much so that we have made it our mantra for this year and created a tag line called; “Empowering Marketing Mastery”.  Over the course of this year you will see a variety of new blog posts each month, applying Marketing Mastery to different capabilities and/or functions within Marketing.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts, opinions and innovative ways to solve the challenges us as marketers face each day.