February 27, 2014

First Timer Teradata Marketing Summit Survival Guide

Two weeks ago I ran through a litany of reasons why I’m excited that the Teradata Marketing Summit is being held at LA Live this year.  In truth, our entire team at Covalent Marketing would be excited about the summit regardless of location. 

I have attended many conferences in my career, but this is the first time I am attending the Teradata Marketing Summit.  I love the exciting build-up before a conference; I spend hours reading through break-out session descriptions and planning the best way to maximize my time throughout the week.  In preparation for this conference, I spoke with some of my colleagues who are repeat attendees to get their advice and tips.  Liz shared her veteran’s perspective in her recent blog post titled “Advice on Attending the Teradata Summit from a Seasoned Attendee,” but there are points that a first time TMS attendee might need to know.  For this reason, I present to you a First Timer Survival Guide to help you plan your week at TMS 2014.

  • Balance your time between sessions and the product pavilion.  There are so many informative sessions that it can be a challenge to choose between sessions happening during the same time slot. On the flip side of that, there may be times when session topics don’t interest or apply to you. Use these times to visit the product pavilion. Finding at least one time slot every day to interact in the pavilion will ensure opportunities to discuss topics in a more free-form way.
  • Balance the break-out sessions you choose to attend between strategy and technical focused topics.  The duration of sessions was shortened from 1 hour to 30 minutes this year, allowing for more presentations during the same amount of time.  This is a great opportunity for attendees to experience a variety of topical presentations.
  • Attend the Apex Awards on Wednesday, March 12 at 6:30pm.  Aside from this being a giant party, the Apex Awards ceremony is important because it recognizes leading companies in Marketing Operations, Campaign Management, Integrated Marketing Management, Digital Messaging, and Innovation.  The companies honored at this event are leaders in the field; they should be celebrated and used as a model for others.
  • Go with the flow, have fun, learn something new, and keep track of your ‘buddy.’  Though there are great opportunities for learning, remember that this should be a fun experience of socializing, networking, and exploring more than just the hotel layout. A helpful method of balancing professional learning with social aspects is to choose a ‘buddy’. Designating another conference attendee as such can help you stay focused on your goals and give you an outlet to debrief at the end of each day (as well as make sure you show up for breakfast).  Set aside time to share new knowledge with this person and hold each other accountable to accomplishing personal and professional goals.

Are you attending the Summit by yourself or nervous about being the only first timer in your group?  Contact me – we can meet up for moral support at the conference!