March 7, 2014

Covalent Presents at the Upcoming Teradata Marketing Summit: Getting Real Value out of your Contact History

We at Covalent Marketing are very excited to be presenting at the Teradata Marketing Summit 2014 March 10-13 at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, CA. We will present on a topic relevant to any company aiming to improve their marketing through Multichannel Campaign Management (MCM) investment – Using Contact History to Create a Competitive Advantage.

Contact History is a feature of the Marketing Studio suite that is often overlooked by users. Audience Members, the people whom you are trying to influence through your marketing efforts, can have many Contact History records. Our presentation will cover the technical aspects of Contact History, as well as strategies for getting real value out of it.

Once configured, Contact History is a repository for data generated by campaigns that you build in Marketing Studio. Re-animating your Contact History data and strategically leveraging this repository to take action works to create benefits for your future campaign performance.

Our presentation at the Teradata Marketing Summit will help elucidate some of the mysteries of Contact History and give you some actionable ideas for how to maximize the use of this data both in your Marketing Studio campaigns and your marketing analytics efforts.

Hope to see you there!