March 21, 2014

How to Achieve Campaign Management Marketing Mastery

The concept of marketing campaign management is a simple one, but learning how to master it can be a different story.  Similar to working with wind power: you can’t contain it, but with a little strategic know-how, you can master its awesome potential!

At Covalent Marketing we define Campaign Management Mastery as the union of advanced marketing technology capabilities, plus the operational methodologies and skills to properly execute higher levels of marketing.

Technical Capabilities

Shockingly enough, many organizations are still using their campaign management software as glorified list-making tools.  Regardless if you’re one of the many whose main usage of the tool is selecting a handful of data fields to create “segmented” lists for outbound marketing; it’s time to start looking up the marketing maturity ladder by incorporating more sophisticated marketing ideas like:

  • Meaningful Campaign Offers
  • Lifecycle Modeling
  • Response Attribution

With some skilled planning and hard work your organization can attain the technical competencies needed for achieving Campaign Management Mastery.  Implementing concepts like those above will be a process, so don’t rush it.  Much like building a fancy sports car, it will likely take some dedication to do right.


Operational Methodologies and Skills

However, building the necessary technical pieces is only half of the equation to realizing Campaign Management Mastery.  There are operational and human elements that need to be addressed as well.  Otherwise it’s like you just bought a nice Ferrari and no one taught you how to drive stick.

So what means do you have at your disposal to ensure lasting success (i.e. the operational and human elements)?  How about:

  • Creating an Enterprise Taxonomy
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Applying Business Rule Standardization
  • Conducting Campaign Performance Benchmarking
  • Supporting Peer Reviews and Mentoring

Only by employing these types of techniques, after the capabilities upgrade, can you truly become a sophisticated, self-sufficient, and agile marketing organization – and thus achieving Campaign Marketing Mastery.  Your organization will now be positioned to have better lines of communication across marketing, governance for standard operating procedures, innovations to the campaign process (from the users themselves), and the dexterity to quickly adapt as marketing needs change course, just to give a few examples.

Now roll down the windows, turn up the music, and gun it!

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