May 5, 2014

Smarter Offers at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit

At next week’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit there will be over 180 sessions which are aligned to over 10 tracks and involve more than 70 client speakers. If you work with the IBM EMM Suite, one session that you should definitely not miss out on is “Offers – the Unsung Hero and Glue of the IBM Suite”.

Offer management has become an increasingly important function within the marketing organization, especially with the proliferation of customer channels. Using IBM Campaign solely for segmentation and list generation leaves some serious capabilities on the table. When you take advantage of what Campaign’s Offer Management can do, you’re opening the door to higher ROI.

I will be presenting alongside IBM’s Arjen van der Broek, taking this opportunity to dispel myths and clarify the purpose and power of marketing offers today. Offers are the unsung hero of marketing and are arguably the most important part of the campaign. Yet, are you one of the many who have trouble defining what exactly an offer is within your organization? Having a clear definition of an offer is critical to both campaign planning and understanding customer behavior (i.e. analytics). This only gets magnified as you look to expand your usage in the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) suite.

Highlights of the presentation will include:

  • Why Offer Management?
  • Getting past preconceived notions of offers
  • Understanding the components of an offer in IBM Cross Channel Marketing Suite
  • Creating a better offer
  • The role of the Offer Manager

offers teaser

“Offers — the Unsung Hero and Glue of the IBM Suite” will be presented on Tuesday, May 12th at 5:45 pm.

Covalent Marketing is also a silver sponsor of the event.