August 11, 2014

8 Marketing Technology Cornerstones to Make You a Savvy Marketer

Has your marketing organization taken a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and look around to reflect on what’s changed and/or evolved of the past several years?   On a macro level the positive economic changes is probably allowing your organization to invest and innovate.  On an industry level, some have experienced substantial disruption, take healthcare as an example where they now have to market directly to consumers.  From a marketing technology perspective, the industry has witnessed major consolidation: IBM acquired Unica, Teradata acquired Aprimo, Adobe acquired Neolane, and Microsoft acquired MarketingPilot.  Along the same lines, new marketing technology vendors seem to appear daily, especially in the analytics, digital, social and mobile space.


What does all this mean to the marketing organization? A change has come and the marketing organization should reevaluate how they operate.

To assist marketing organizations with their evaluation, Covalent Marketing has created a blog series called, “8 Marketing Technology Cornerstones”. These cornerstones range from skills for marketing roles, marketing technology administration, to real time marketing software. The Covalent Marketing team will share their ideas and thoughts on these cornerstones and we encourage you to join the conversation by providing feedback and comments. Below are the topics and dates that the post will be available:

  1. Consolidation of technology in the marketing portfolio (Aug 14)
  2. Real time marketing technology reaches maturity (Aug 18)
  3. Do you go with Big Suites or Smaller Niche or Point solutions (Aug 21)
  4. Big data for marketing – what does it mean? (Aug 25)
  5. Customer focused marketing capability transformation – breaking down the silos (Aug 28)
  6. New marketing roles and skills are emerging (Sept 2)
  7. One size fits all technology training doesn’t work (Sept 4)
  8. Marketing technology administration has changed (Sept 8)

So come back to our blog every Monday and Thursday through Sept. 8th and check out the next cornerstone we are talking about.  And after this series will consolidate and convert this series into a nice whitepaper to share with your colleagues.