August 18, 2014

Real Time Marketing Technology Reaches Maturity

The evolution of technology has changed the way consumers receive information.  The use of the Internet and mobile technology led to a large increase in the number of marketing channels; consumers now interact with brands across many channels, often simultaneously.  The speed of technology has made customers impatient.  With access to a worldwide web of information at their fingertips, customers expect immediate access to accurate information.  In the current aggressively interactive environment, customer interactions have drastically changed and marketing must adapt.  If you are not offering real-time interactions with your brand for your customers, they have already moved onto the next thing and you’ve missed them.

Like Big Data, the definition of real-time marketing is still not clearly defined.  Elements that are often considered part of real-time marketing include:

  • Personalizing content or creative in response to customer interactions
  • Responses in the context of customer Web interactions
  • Live website chats
  • Social marketing – responding to trends and current events via social
  • Triggered emails
  • Apps that leverage Geo-Force

Regardless of the channel or software used, the goals of real-time marketing remain the same:

  • Reach customers at the right time with the right message through the right channel while
  • Collect real-time feedback data on customer interactions to understand how, when, and where marketing reaches each customer.
  • Apply the same techniques used to segment customers in traditional outbound campaigns to present targeted offers and messages in real-time.
  • Utilize existing outbound channels to send real-time marketing messages.
  • Create personalized marketing messages for each customer.


Since customers expect real-time marketing interaction, marketing technology was forced to “grow up” quickly to support this type of marketing.  Both big suites and smaller niche players have developed products aimed at delivering tailored content.  Regardless of which type of service you choose, adding a real-time marketing technology solution to your arsenal of marketing technology tools completes your organization’s marketing capabilities quadrant.

RTM matrix

New Possibilities for Real-Time Marketing