December 18, 2014

Understand What You’re Buying This Holiday Season… As Well As After

As consultants it is not uncommon for us to work with a client that is transitioning from one enterprise software to another. Perhaps they believe this will streamline current marketing processes or enhance the speed of their campaign development lifecycle.

Whatever the reason, clients need to look at each new system with an open mind and understand that every technology functions differently. In theory, the two systems may very well perform the same day-to-day tasks, but how they move items from point A to point B can be very different. There should be no reason for purchasing new software and then being stunned when you find out it does not function the same way as the old system.

When evaluating a new system ask yourself these three questions:

  • check listWhat tasks/processes are managed by our current software? How long do they take to complete from start to finish?
  • Will switching to this new software offer new capabilities that my current software does not/cannot? How will those new capabilities optimize our current process?
  • How easily will my user audience be able to adopt this system? What kind of time will be required for education/training?

There are obviously many more questions that need to be asked when vetting out a system that will ultimately cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if you take the time to evaluate them effectively and lay out a plan, the return can be tenfold.