February 27, 2015

Where are all the Marketing Technologists?

Are you as confounded as I am that there are not more Marketing Technologists in the workplace?  I’m constantly reminded of this fact every time I interview people across the full spectrum of job titles (for Covalent Marketing or on behalf of a client).  With the mainstream notion of database marketing now over two decades old, I would have bet big money that there’d be an abundance of people like us…but there’s not.

So why not?

Are the principles of fusing marketing with technology so far from center that only a select group of people qualify?

While the population of people pre-disposed to this kind of thinking is certainly limited, there’s a falsehood that only those special few can be Marketing Technologists.  As a chemical engineer (by degree) with no formal marketing or database training, I think I am living proof anyone can be a Marketing Technologist if they’re willing to try.  In my opinion it’s more about having an open mind to melding together two things that have been historically siloed for so many years – Marketing and IT.  In fact, being an outsider may be to my advantage because when I started, I didn’t have to shed the histrionics carried by IT or Marketing while striving to become a blended/balance resource.

Is the lack of a defined career path a turn off, or worse yet a non-starter, for those looking to become a Marketing Technologist?

I think that historically this might have been a fair argument, but now with The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, I’d say that perceived glass ceiling has been broken.  However, I will say many organizations could still do a better job of showcasing the career path for aspiring Marketing Technologists.  They need to clearly map out how Marketing Technologists won’t be pigeon holed like some may have been in the past.

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Maybe there are additional factors or reasons all together that I haven’t thought of.

Regardless of how many Marketing Technologist there are in the workplace, what I do know is that a Marketing Technologist is simultaneously a detailed problem solver and a big picture thinker; he is both a mediator and persuasive communicator.  Finally, he respects where database marketing has been, while always keeping in an eye to the growing landscape in which we live and play.

Let me know in the comments why you think there are (relatively) so few Marketing Technologists.