April 28, 2015

Indispensable Versus Irreplaceable

“Indispensable” and “Irreplaceable” are, on the surface, seemingly similar words.  However, as marketers it’s critical to be able to distinguish between them or you might be tinkering with marketing things you otherwise shouldn’t.

Your software systems, your customer journey maps, and your vendors are INDISPENSABLE.  Ideally, you’re using all of the indispensable things to make yourself a better marketer.  They are the fuel that propels your marketing car forward.

Your customers, your data, and your brand are IRREPLACEABLE.  These aren’t just nice-to-have’s, but are, in fact, all critical components to successful marketing.  Using another car analogy, they are the engine and without it you are at a huge, possibly debilitating, disadvantage in the marketplace.


Knowing and understanding the difference between what’s indispensable versus irreplaceable within your organization will give you the intellectual capital you need to progress and evolve your marketing without doing irreparable harm to the systems you already have in place.