May 11, 2016

Enhancing Customer-Centric Marketing with IBM Tealeaf

The paradigm of marketing has undergone a shift from marketing to the masses to marketing to the consumer.  With the goal of having personalized interactions with consumers, marketers should be placing the customer at the center of their marketing efforts.

I have recently had the opportunity to learn more about Tealeaf, one of IBM’s Customer Analytics Solutions.  The capabilities of Tealeaf are many, but the implications of how it can enhance the spectrum of customer interactions is what really has me excited.

So why is Tealeaf so great for customer-centric marketing?


1: Customer Data!!!

Tealeaf allows you to capture an endless amount of data about customer behavior on your website.  This ranges from large aggregated trends over time down to the tiniest details about a single customer interaction.  You can selectively capture the behaviors that are most important to your company and tie these behaviors to individual consumers, helping you to have a much better picture of the individuals that are visiting your site.

Wait, it gets better!  This customer data can be stored in a centralized datamart to support other marketing initiatives.  The ability to draw upon rich customer data across multiple touchpoints is the foundation for consistency, which then enables strong omni-channel marketing efforts.




2: Customer Experience

As previously mentioned, Tealeaf can recognize trends on your site.  Visibility into negative trends can help you to proactively fix issues impacting user experience while visibility into positive trends can help formulate and reinforce a strong strategy.  If you aren’t thinking it already, I’ll bring it to your attention – Tealeaf can be a very powerful tool for A/B testing.  Soon your site will be firing on all cylinders!


3: Customer Service

Let’s face it, sometimes our websites don’t function as expected.  With Tealeaf, you can monitor in real time issues that might be occurring.  This will likely prompt you to fix the problem(s) sooner rather than later.  Furthermore, because Tealeaf can collect this data at a customer level, you can follow up with the individual customers that experienced the issue to help mitigate any negative sentiment that came from it.

Furthermore, with the capability to replay customer sessions, customer service representatives are fully equipped to see the issues as the customer saw them.  This can better help customer service to understand why issues occurred, help the customer, and relay that information back to help improve user experience for the next customer that comes along.

Want to make the customer the center of your marketing efforts?  I recommend learning more about Tealeaf.

Personally, I am very excited to learn more about Tealeaf and how it can help drive consistent interactions across channels.  If you will be at IBM Amplify next week, let me know!  I’d love to talk more about customer-centric and omni-channel marketing.

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