June 6, 2016

Where’s the beef…I mean Offer

The 2016 IBM Amplify Conference was good and better than last year.  One major and exciting announcement was how Watson is being embedded into IBM Marketing Solutions and IBM Marketing Cloud. However, the event still skimped on content for one important marketing capability: Offer Management. Here is why this capability deserves more attention:   

  • Marketing departments are actively trying to solve for Offer Management as they advance their customer personalization initiatives
  • Attendees were asking to learn more about how to leverage offers more effectively in IBM Marketing Solutions and IBM Marketing Cloud
    • Offers play an integrated role across IBM Campaign, IBM Contact Optimization, IBM Interact, IBM Marketing Operations, and IBM Marketing Cloud
  • The IBM Marketing Solutions Roadmap only lightly touched on the fact they are going to enhance their Offer Management capabilities, but I was not sure if it was a near term priority

Despite the lack of content on Offer Management, I will say IBM Customer Engagement Solutions has the most robust functionality in the market.  Customer Experience and Marketing practitioners need flexible solutions with the ability to customize and integrate with other systems to create a solid Offer Management capability.

I have been talking about the importance of offers since 2013, and it is now finally becoming recognized as critically important across the industry.  You will continue to see a growing need to move towards managing offers that support a customer journey instead of campaigns. Additionally, offers play a central role in your communication and messaging strategy that is broader than just marketing, and includes sales and service.  I hope the 2017 IBM Amplify conference addresses this gap by providing more content. In the meantime, if you are feeling Offer Management deprived, we have you covered!  Check out the material below to feed your hunger: