July 28, 2016

Discovering Marketing Heroes at the 2016 Comic-Con

Over the weekend, I attended my very first San Diego Comic Convention aka SDCC aka Comic-Con. I’ve been asked many questions like:

  • “How did you like it?”
  • “Did you see anything cool?”
  • “Did you get what you want?”
  • “Did it meet your expectations?” (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

comic con


Jennifer, my wife and bonafide Doctor Who geek, knows I love Marvel and DC super heroes so she scored us tickets for Saturday. She was determined to be my guide despite the fact that, due to my aversion to crowds, I felt more skepticism and dread than I did excitement about the crazy things I would see or the cool events I would experience. But when she related this anxiety to the way that my clients must feel about the prospect of implementing new marketing technology in their organization, I knew she was onto something. Ding! Light bulb! She had spoken the truth.

Jasper and Zack Snyder


Just as SDCC was to me, the implementation of new marketing technology can be intimidating because it feels like an unknown. This is precisely why you need a veteran to guide you through the process, as my wife did for me. She knew how to study the floor plan of the San Diego convention center and map out points of interests: Where to get our swag bags and lanyards, see all the famous cosplayers (fans who dress up in elaborate and screen-accurate super hero costumes), how to locate the major studios (Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, FOX, etc.), restrooms, and most importantly – Pokémon stops.  Because of her meticulous planning, we dodged the elbow-to-elbow crowds, took selfies with Zack Snyder and Nyambi Nyambi from Mike & Molly, bumped into William Shatner, and tripped over Greg Nicotero from The Walking Dead. To top it off, thanks to my wife’s stern conversation with security staff, we even got into the famous Hall H where we saw all the new Marvel Studio sneak peaks and movie stars!!! It was a great day.

Jennifer and Nyambi Nyambi

Just as Jennifer did for me at SDCC, the super veterans at Covalent Marketing will expertly guide you through your marketing technology implementation to make sure it’s worry-free. We stay in the trenches with you side-by-side throughout all the challenges, and we love walking you through all of the cool new features every solution has to offer. From the proof of concept stages of technology selection, to the education mastery program designed to grant you new marketing powers, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Greg Nicotero


My guide helped me walk away from Comic-Con with a huge grin and now I’m looking forward to all of the surprises that 2017 SDCC will hold. And I guarantee that, with Covalent as your guide, you’ll be looking forward to a bright future, too—one that’s full of incredible and exciting new marketing capabilities.


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