September 12, 2016

The Future of Social Media – Customized and Connected

Currently, 2.1 billion people are on social media. Social media has played a part in national revolutions, it has created celebrities, and it has connected our world like no other medium has. For marketers, social media has forged avenues of engagement with potential and existing customers. Given the magnitude that social media plays in society today, our team here at Covalent Marketing wondered, “What will social media look like in 20 years?” All of our consultants on our team have looked into their crystal ball and (in 120 words or less) predicted the future of social media. Over the course of this week and next, we will be sharing our predictions with you, our readers in our newest blog post series “The Future of Social Media”.


Today, we share our first four predictions. They come from a group that foresee the usage of social media drastically increase in the next 20 years. They also predict that social media will perfect the art of personalization and integration in the lives of its users. Combine the two, and we have a world where nearly all of earth is immersed in its own flavor of social media whilst being connected to society at large simultaneously. These are our predictions for customized and connected:


JillIn 20 years, an always-on social media experience will have cultural implications. Society will become more self-conscious and focused on brand management of the “self.” The freedom for individuals to customize nearly every aspect of their experience may limit their exposure to a variety of information. At the same time, social media will expand to encompass an ever-present interaction which will become a core part of work and personal lives. Real-time data will be crowd sourced to influence immediate decisions and people will rely upon social media for information in order to accomplish their day to day tasks.


VeronicaThe technology that enables social media is growing, whether it’s a camera on a mobile phone or a virtual reality device. As this technology matures, social media will become an even more complex extension of each individual’s consciousness. Social media channels enable us to store, share, and receive information from others on a vast scale, and this ability is only integrating deeper into our lives. Eventually social media will move beyond entertainment to become a critical tool in developing one’s personal identity, culture, and ability to interact with the world around us. Our social media experiences will become virtual extensions and enhancements to daily life.


JustinIn 20 years, Social Media will have evolved in three main ways.  First, technology platforms such as Facebook and Twitter—which have become less popular with younger generations—will make way for new mediums and a new generation of users.  Additionally, these platforms will fully leverage things like location-based technologies, fitness monitoring applications, and behavioral data to meet the growing demand for more personalized interactions.  Finally, Social Media will be an influential vehicle for driving change and activism, giving tremendous power to historically marginalized populations around the world.  The future of Social Media will expand our connectivity with one another and more fully integrate technology into our daily lives.


CaitlinSocial media will not only become increasingly integrated into daily life, but in the future it will be universally adopted. This will be a revolutionary change from the current state, in which social media is generally limited to younger and wealthier demographics.  Most businesses today cannot communicate with their broader customer base through social media alone, necessitating the use of many disparate communication channels (e.g. TV, print, email, etc).

In the future, however, people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic levels will be social media users.  Companies will be able to truly connect with all of their customers, gaining feedback and data that actually represents the population as a whole.

Where do you think social media will be in 20 years? Share your predictions with us on twitter @covalent_mrktng. And make sure to come back to our blog on September 15th when we share 4 more predictions with our readers on the future of social media.