September 19, 2016

The Future of Social Media – Advanced Capabilities

We asked our consultants to predict the future of social media. And we are sharing our predictions of what we think Social Media will be like in 20 years. In our first two posts in the series, we have shared our predictions for advances in virtual reality and advances in connectivity. Today, we are predicting the future of advanced capabilities.


It was not so long ago that keeping in contact with a friend or family member that lived in another country or even state, was an expensive undertaking. It was a luxury to be able to have a short call with someone on the other side of the world to keep each other informed with what was going on in each other’s respective lives. With the capabilities of social media today, we now have the ability know the mundane facts of anyone’s lives no matter where they live. Today, it seems as though social media’s capabilities to connect us to one another are endless. From swapping faces with your friends on Snapchat to speaking in front of the world on Periscope, social media continues to push the boundaries of what once was.

In our third post in The Future of Social Media blog post series, four of our Covalent Marketing Consultants predict that its future lies in advanced capabilities.


LizI drive three Generation Z teenagers to school. These kids grew up with mobile information, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to speculate on the future of social media. Here are some of the thoughts we came up with:

  • Integrating a dollar sign $ as a hashtag allowing you to instantly purchase what you are viewing. The phone screen is one large biometric reader and by clicking on the $ tag, the reader knows it is you.
  • Heavily embedded data – pictures of food or retail items can give you everything from the recipe to closest location to purchase.
  • Stream of thought connected via biometrics.

That last one is farfetched, but actually, is it? Think about Minority Report.


YilinWhen the social media just started, people had many concerns about it, such as the data privacy and the real-life interaction. There are no doubts that these concerns will remain with social media even 20 years later. However, it is confident to state that in 20 years, social media will play an important role in our life. Here are my visions of the future social media:

  • Creates new market along with new professions.
  • Promotes the development of personalization and customer experience with abundant data.
  • Provides multi-functional services from social networking to grocery shopping.

Like it or not, we can’t live without the social media in 20 years.


AndyChaos theory concerns deterministic systems whose behavior can in principle be predicted. Chaotic systems are predictable for a while and then ‘appear’ to become random. In the same vein, social media 20 years from now will be more organized just like we, humans, require logical organizations to be intelligent beings. Social media will cease to be drowning noises comprised of likes and dislikes. Orderly, influential “voices” will rise above and be key indicators of opinions, determined by newer, more powerful Google algorithm. The manipulating social media trolls (i.e. illicit SM marketing) will be systematically ignored with improved system fingerprints (i.e. mac address). Personalization of user behavior will become more and more accurate utilizing real time data, big data and leveraging key Social Media voices.


EricIn 20 years, social media will have created a network interconnecting all other technology.  Social media will be a centralized hub for personal information, preferences, and behavior from which all other technology will pull.  This information will be used by institutions such as your bank, your favorite stores, and creditors to better know you as a consumer and facilitate easy transactions.  Imagine seeing a car on social media, virtually test driving it, securely commenting “purchase,” and having it delivered to you within the hour.  Furthermore, social media will be connected to the internet of things.  Your social behaviors will be reflected with your favorite gadgets.  Imagine, Keurig2035 will start brewing immediately after your first #tired #mornings snap on snapchat.


Where do you think social media will be in 20 years? Share your predictions with us on twitter @covalent_mrktng. And make sure to come back to our blog on September 22nd when we share our last installment of predictions with our readers on the future of social media.