September 21, 2016

The Future of Social Media – User Adoption

Covalent Marketing consultants were asked to predict the future of social media 20 years from now. We’ve shared our predictions with you on advanced capabilities, virtual reality and increased connectivity. In our final installment of predictions, we are looking at user adoption and where we think it will increase in 20 years.


Do you remember just 5-10 years ago, back when your mom wasn’t on Facebook? Fast forward to today when everyone, and their mom, is using social media. In Covalent Marketing’s effort to predict the future of social media, we asked our consultants what they think it will look like 20 years from now. In today’s post, our predictions evolve around user adoption. Specifically, as new mediums and channels are available how will people adopt to and use them? Here are our predictions:


SusieIn 20 years, our current understanding of social media will evolve to become so deeply ingrained in our lives, that it will no longer require a proper name. The physical and digital world will intertwine via wearable technology with sensory capabilities – allowing us to share and be marketed to across all 5 senses. Our experiences, from shows at Red Rocks to skydiving to using a new product, can happen remotely. Thus, no name will be required, as this new direction will be the new normal for how we experience life.


RyanSocial media is a communication medium that continues to evolve and grow with technology platforms that come and go.  Over the next 20 years you will see most popular players like Facebook and Twitter still around.  With the innovation that is happening in the technology space, new social media platforms will appear that we haven’t thought of yet.  Perhaps, we will have interactive media devices embedded in coffee shop mugs that augment our mobile devices in a social way.  Additionally, we will see an increased use of location-based technology in social media.  Although technology has a role to play, the adoption of the technology is the most critical factor when determining what social media looks like in 20 years.


ScottLooking back over the history of Social Media, we have seen personal content get pushed to the side and advertising taking over an increasing percentage of Social Media content. As Social Media platforms allow more content from advertisers in order to grow and profit, the content will become less relevant for viewers. There is a The Simpsons episode where giant ad icons take over the city, and the solution to get rid of them was a song that exclaimed “Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”. Looking 20 years ahead, this will happen to Social Media. The content will be so full of advertising that people will stop paying attention.


We hope you enjoyed reading our predictions on the future of social media. Don’t forget to tweet us @covalent_mrktng and share your predictions with us!