March 11, 2017

How to 10x your IBM Amplify Experience. (And why this year will be better than ever).

When I co-founded Covalent Marketing over a decade ago, I knew that technology companies like IBM  would be a central means for our team to help clients transform their marketing operations. And, it has. Over the years, we’ve implemented, upgraded and optimized IBM Watson Marketing technologies many times, always continuing to learn and evolve alongside IBM.

So, for ten years, Covalent Marketing has attended (and sometimes presented at) IBM’s annual Amplify conference and this year is no different; except that this year, IBM offers renewed focus and energy like I haven’t seen before.  I am especially excited about attending this year’s Amplify conference, and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • The integrated, end-to-end customer engagement platform IBM has built to enable customer engagement is finally getting its due. For years, IBM has quietly added new capabilities to address omni-channel customer engagement across a single platform, but haven’t showcased the benefit to customers. Now, I’m finally hearing IBM talk to the marketplace about it. I say it’s about time.
  • IBM innovation is taking customer engagement to a new level. Watson makes it possible for marketers to take control of personalized interactions and transform their customers’ journeys. I can’t wait to see what the cognitive era has to offer next.
  • Deeper dives into industry verticals. Applying technology to address the most pressing issues affecting industries like Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail helps companies in tough, sometimes highly regulated, sectors learn. IBM is structuring its knowledge and people around industries in new ways.

All in all, it makes for a lot of energy (supported by some new people who’ve joined IBM’s leadership team), innovation and focus that are improving what attendees will get out of Amplify this year.

Now, if you’re planning to be at Amplify and want to get (10x) more out of the conference, contact me at for advice on sessions and speakers that will support your goals. Or, reach out to one of our consultants (Stanton, Liz, Caitlin or Justin) who’ll be on site to network, share best practices and success stories to help companies transform their marketing.

If you’d like to read more, check out the info below.

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