May 1, 2018

How to Optimize WCA for Customer-Centric Marketing

As consultants, we often get approached by WCA users who are ready to start managing customer experiences and journeys with their technology in a consistent and targeted way.

These are savvy marketers. They understand the importance of putting their customers at the center of their efforts, and delivering consistent communications that are personalized, targeted, and relevant across channels. They have often completed exercises in customer journey mapping. And while these marketers have laid the ground work from a strategic perspective, they are often challenged with how to actually operationalize these customer-centric plans and goals—how to move from theory into actual practice.

Below are three steps we share with clients to help them optimally leverage WCA for more customer-centric marketing:

  1. Integrate: Connect WCA and your CRM system to leverage the full extent of your enterprise customer data. Integrating with your company’s system of record for customer information will not only ensure that your data is current, but it will provide your marketers with the ability to leverage a wealth of profile and behavioral attributes to best target customers with relevant and personalized messages across their different interactions. WCA has pre-built connectors for three of the largest CRM providers as well as custom integration options, which makes implementing this best-practice functionality more do-able than you may expect.
  2. Report: Align WCA data with other data sources using tools like UBX to create more powerful reports and gain more holistic, robust insights. Consider the learning and insights which can help your organization continually improve your customer’s experience to be seamless and consistent as they interact with you across different channels and move through stages in their purchasing journeys. Now ensure that the data connections are there to facilitate those insights and make them actionable.
  3. Scale: Fragmentation of tools and teams internally often leads to disjointed and inconsistent messaging and experiences for customers. Consider bringing in other groups or divisions into your WCA org to maximize value and unify siloed teams and technology. If your company is currently using multiple different WCA orgs, for instance, it may be beneficial to consolidate onto the same org so that all your data and reports would reside in the same place. Not only does this often help your teams work more efficiency internally and share best practices, but it will allow you to better coordinate communications for a more unified customer experience while still enabling different teams to maintain their autonomy and access through permissions settings.